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Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by SoundlabsJan 15, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Best sounding class D amps Nord Acoustics? Location: Welling kent. Having heard various amplifiers over the years i must say that the Nord Acoustic class D amps are by far the best amplifiers i have ever heard in my system, is anyone else using the Nords and if so check out the upgraded REV D boards the already great sound has improved again, i believe everyone needs to hear them they are that good.

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Last edited: Jan 15, Andy Saunders and Shiver like this. Location: Lexington, NC. Both are quite good. GoldprintAudioJan 15, After hearing the Nords in my system i have no interest in anything else for once i fill completely satisfied i am just waiting for Max Townshend to launch hes new designed Universal Disc Player it will play every silver disc format i believe i am not into downloading music right now maybe later on if the universal player has an input for it.

Location: Colorado. I'm not trying to question or criticize your opinion, but I am curious how the PS Audio class D amps would compare. I haven't heard the Nords. Location: Bay Area.Read times.

Nord Acoustics Industry Participant Posts: 3. From the UK supplying direct we have many US based customers and welcome old and new. Our customer feedback and pro reviews speak for themselves. Our Website is www. Happy Holidays Regards Colin.

Beautiful work Colin! Welcome to AC! I've listened to the designs before and they do sound very fine as all of the Hypex designs I've heard do. It's nice that folks have the option to switch the input buffers.

Nord One NC1200DM Signature Stereo Amp Review

Good luck and my very best to you! Best, Anand. Cheers that's very kind of you to welcome me. We have been shipping for pretty much exactly 2 years now. Valid till end Hi Colin. Welcome to Audio Circle. Regards, Kerry. I have a pair of one ups I bought used they have the older cases how do you get the newer cases. You can pm me if you like. Cheers Kerry jtsnead to upgrade into the new cases involves more work than building a new amp so is not really cost effective. To supply you our SE case only is an issue regarding build quality and safety.

Welcome to AC, Colin. I have acquaintances who own your One Up amps, but I've never heard one myself. I've read many good things about them. Welcome to AC Colin. Regards, Randy.Set changes? Whilst the papery widebander's trademark tone density was in evidence albeit strangely midrange dominant and forward, its usual bass reach was clearly shortened.

With a Zu Submission sub in residence, that bit was easily countered. Alas, unlike the very happy 90wpc Crayon CFA Textures were rather less generous. The sound was too dry and pinched.

On this hard-hung driver, I had constipation, likely from severe overdamping. Though far more exception than rule, sometimes high power behind very low output impedance takes control too far.

Now a loosening of the figurative reins performs better and with more bass bandwidth. No set changes then, just a brief intermission down a dead alley. Returning to the Aptica instantly reset all the markers of exploded soundstaging, tremendous resolution and non-sterile clarity with elegant tonality.

Don't fix it if it ain't broke! Needing fixing because it was broke, at least here, was the treble; not its actual performance but class D predictions. This breed, deservedly I think, gets often called out for its inferior top end. From bells to gongs to cymbals to triangles; from massed strings and chorus in reverberant acoustics to muted trumpet, pan flute and violin flageolet; I set the bloodhound puppies on the HF trail. They came back exhausted but happy.

Being lit up all over included the treble. It was directly responsible for that inside-out sense of illumination and spaciousness.

Best sounding class D amps Nord Acoustics ?

At the bandwidth's opposite end, the same qualities appeared. This meant no chiseled granitic but naturally behaved bass. My only minor complaint at least with the bigger SI opamp was lesser bass power than the massive output rating promised. I take elegant bass over cyborg or elephantine low freqs any day of the week but good ol' greed would have wished for just a bit more oomph. For that you want the Sparkos. You'll simply pay with some illumination and subjective speed.

Because those are such outstanding attributes, one could feel ill-inclined to give much if any of them up. Precisely because class D preconceptions, if true, were most likely to be caught out by such loads. The fact that it worked so well became the most telling proof to the contrary. Plus, Kharma loudspeakers had, for a while, class D amplifier colleagues in the same catalogue. There's no conflict by design.

None whatsoever. The only thing to hear is a small mechanical relay click.Class D is gaining a good deal of momentum in the audio world. Built within a three-quarter width all aluminium case, this Class D power amplifier is a true dual mono design. The 10mm front panel is available in standard black or silver, or for a relatively small cost premium, numerous exotic veneered finishes are available. Mine arrived with a very attractive American Black veneer which I felt easily warranted the small surcharge.

Above the power button lies the Nord logo badge. The Nord One UP can deliver up to watts per channel at 8ohms resistance, watts at 4ohms and watts at 2ohms and despite the Class D generation of amplifiers being renowned for their efficiency and low running costs this power amplifier does run a little warmer than one would expect.

However, the casework is well designed and allows airflow through vents on the bottom as well as the top panel. New casework has been announced.

nord acoustics

These op-amps are interchangeable internally through an eight pin DIP socket and it takes literally a few minutes maximum to change over. I found the Burson op-amp very similar to my old feelings of Class D amplifiers; all being rather cold and clinical affairsalbeit with a fabulous tonality.

A sound I have to say that really impressed me, particularly given the asking price. A short time after receiving the amp I happened to bump into Colin North at a hifi show in the Midlands, and we had a good discussion about his product. He explained that he felt the voltage regulation board was at fault and was working on improvements to make the circuit silent with this new op-amp.

I suggested, if possible, that I would love to hear this new version of the product when he had cured its teething problems. The amplifier appeared to be playing music with the same qualities it had shown before — namely, a superb tonality with great dynamics and a wonderful ability to shift scale and weight with tremendous athleticism.

nord acoustics

Crescendos are replayed with fabulous enthusiasm with the Nord. Unfortunately, when the amplifier was returned to me, the inclusion of the Sparkos Labs op-amps had been over-looked and I was left to ponder whether the missing element was linked to the Sonic Imagery op-amps.

I contacted Colin for the Sparkos to be sent over and within a few tracks after swapping the op-amps I finally recognised the difference. To my ears, and your opinion may vary from mine, the difference was almost completely visceral. However, I found the Sparkos op-amps to be more organic in quality and they would draw me far deeper into the emotion of the music.

In fact I found the Sonic Imagery to be perfectly acceptable in all areas of the sound spectrum, but emotionally I was drawn in by the Sparkos. This may be a result in my favoured genres of music that I prefer to listen to, as I prefer a good amount of acoustic material mixed mainly with Indie and rock music, although my overall collection is extremely eclectic. I have to admit that this review has been quite a prolonged one, and that is partly due to how much I have enjoyed the Nord One UP within my system.

It also proved to be a godsend as my own trusty Musical Fidelity Tri Vista integrated amplifier blew a channel during the review period. This required an extensive repair my grateful thanks to John Sampson of jsaudiorepairs. Having this power amplifier within my system for so long has certainly allowed me plenty of time to analyse its strengths and weaknesses. I have also used it to drive a fair few pairs of loudspeakers, not all of them an easy drive, and I have to say it has proven to have the grip of an Olympic shot-putter on steroids!

When subtle is required, the Nord delivers with equal control and finesse. As previously stated it also has a wonderful control of differing dynamics within a mix and delivers crescendos with superb precision. I used even-handed as a description earlier in this review and that is exactly what you get with the Nord. To reveal any weaknesses is a difficult proposition as I feel it has none at all, and at this price point must resemble extremely good value for money.

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Jun 18, 1, 1, Hong Kong. Nord has been selling poweramps based on Hypex NC modules at very low prices for several years. The new Rev-D buffer board upgrade is particularly welcomed as it improves the sonic performance a lot. They even have a upgraded chassis option - CNCed from a solid billet of aluminum alloy : Officially they explain that such a low prcing is due to Hypex Electronics changing the pricing policy. Previously NC module is not available to diyers too.

Is this a result of the new generation of Class D amp employing Gallium Transistors? The Hypex modules are meeting challenge for sure! May 22, I got their mail shot also CKK and these amps are storming value in terms of the parts used. I have previously made myself a diy NC amp and can imagine the input buffer board upgrades are quite significant over the stock factory chip based input. Like you said though, the new generation of transistors is approaching fast and have some very promising qualities Likes: CKKeung.

Sablon Audio said:. Likes: ngamountains. Genkifd New Member Aug 14, Apr 20, 21 1 3 Purifi is only just being implemented and products cannot yet to be purchased. The first of the purefi offerings is now available www. Genkifd New Member Aug 15, Genkifd said:.

DaveC Industry Expert Aug 15, Nov 16, 3, 1, CKKeung said:. Therefore a new Class D era is around the corner. Likes: christoph.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter barwell Start date Jul 17, Why would they have a digital out?. It is like saying you want a tv with another screen.

Last edited: Aug 9, Topmetom 2 Well-known Member. Anyone have any views on these? Topmetom 2 said:.

Exceedingly Good Value : Nord NC500DM MkII Power Amp

Robert54 Novice Member. Barwell, I believe the pro version has no volume control when using the digital out.

nord acoustics

Is this true? Also, what do think of the App? Robert54 said:. Which streaming service do you use it with just now? I work a lot with Tidal playlists and none of these apps provide full edit facilities for Tidal playlists. How is the Easystream app in this respect?Jump to. Sections of this page.

Nord Acoustics Nord One SE NC1200MB Mono Amps 1Pair Open Box! [Expired]

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